Try risk on us!

Yes. There is a place you can go to try on the property risks your business may face and learn to help prevent them before they hit.

More than 500 risk managers and executives have visited this experiential risk management facility since its soft opening last year. Why? The FM Global Centre in Singapore is designed to address the continually evolving property loss prevention needs of the Asia Pacific region.

For visitors, experiencing loss and learning how to prevent it before it reaches their customers or bottom line is considered time well spent.

As a result of its work, the FM Global Centre recently earned an Innovation of the Year award from Asia Insurance Review. The six-story, 125,000 SF (11,613 Sq m) facility houses 10 simulation and interactive laboratories and four learning spaces, including an immersive theatre, to reveal how investment in risk improvement can prevent financial losses and deliver business value.

How it works

Visitors see risk come to life in a safe setting and learn how to help prevent it through demonstrations and laboratories, including:

Natural Hazards

Learn how to prevent property losses from the impact of natural hazards such as high-wind events, floods and earthquakes through a series of interactive physical and virtual demonstrations. Scenarios include material impact testing, flood simulations and mitigation solutions, and a virtual warehouse simulation demonstrating the risks and impact of earthquakes, fires, wind and flooding.

Fire Pumps

Understand the operation and management of various fire pump options with indicators to ensure optimal deployment in your facility. Using projection mapping and lighting, FM Global demonstrates the importance of a well-designed and well-maintained fire pump as part of an effective fire prevention strategy.


Review the performance of four riser types as part of a fire protection system and what is involved in their maintenance and testing. Using augmented reality, visitors can experience the importance of having the right automatic sprinkler technology and special protection systems for their facility.


Get a real-time sense of how sprinklers work with demonstrations of various sprinkler discharge characteristics and water supply-testing practices. This lab illustrates the strengths and limitations of different types of fixed protection systems and configurations measured against building standards, including FM Global's own.


Witness how fast a fire spreads depending on the material and how it is stored or configured in a series of visual demonstrations. This demonstration helps to identify deficiencies in rack storages and provides the best practices in warehouse sprinkler assembly for specific warehouse scenarios.

Building Materials

Material selection helps determine a property’s resilience. Watch as FM Global demonstrates the performance of an FM Approved roof, wall assemblies and insulation pipes under various simulated conditions to show how the construction process can influence a company’s risk profile and how to minimize risks.

Utilities and Production

Identify various hazards and safeguards for industrial equipment, such as boilers, generators and fuel trains in actual industrial environments through augmented reality. This enables visitors to learn more about testing and maintenance practices to FM Global standards.


Assess an industrial property scenario through the eyes of an FM field engineer studying electrical risks—one of the major causes of loss across all industries. This insider experience lets visitors appreciate the risks along with the implementation of strategies to prevent property damage and business interruption from electrical damage.

Ignitable Liquid Use and IL Storage

Get insights on how to recognize and control potential ignition sources across a range of liquid usage and storage scenarios, as well as identify process hazards and solutions to improve a company’s risk profile.

Show me

The experience proves seeing is believing. “Every time I’ve taken someone through the FM Global Centre, they understand tangibly what various catastrophes mean to their plant, to their production lines. They can touch it, see it, feel it, and smell it—also, they can actually watch what a sprinkler does,” says James Thompson, senior vice president, APAC division manager.

“When we’re standing in their plant, it’s all a little abstract. But when you walk them through the Centre, it cements and connects our ideas to what their plant is doing and how they might be able to protect their business.”

Global reach

The FM Global Centre in Singapore Science Park is the latest addition to FM Global’s experiential risk facilities. It extends the reach of FM Global’s Research Campus in West Glocester, Rhode Island, USA, and its hands-on Learning Center and Simzone in Norwood, Massachusetts, USA. The company is building an experiential risk facility in Luxembourg dedicated to the needs of clients in Europe.