See. Touch. Hear. Smell. Mitigate loss and prosper.

Learn hands-on property loss prevention solutions in interactive simulation laboratories

FM Global Centre Singapore Landing Page
FM Global Centre Singapore Landing Page
FM Global Centre Singapore Landing Page

Business leaders at the FM Global Centre at Singapore Science Park, 288 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore.

Seeing is believing—and doing is the best way to learn.

Experience how you can prevent most property and subsequent business loss. At the FM Global Centre in Singapore, move through 10 interactive simulation laboratories and discover firsthand how you can build operating resilience to keep your business going and growing strong. You’ll learn to identify hazards and how to implement risk improvement solutions to make your business more resilient at this first-of-its-kind centre in the region—powered by nearly 200 years of property loss experience, research and engineering results.


What’s Inside?

This 6-storey, 125,000 SF experiential risk management learning centre includes:

Learn how you could prevent property losses from climate risks through a series of interactive, physical and virtual demonstrations. Visualize relevant risks and hazards and identify customized resilience solutions that can help prevent losses and deliver business value.

Scenarios include:

Mitigating risk is the mark of resilient companies. And it’s a big reason why organizations, including one in every four of Fortune 500 companies, choose to partner with us. Established nearly two centuries ago and present in the Asia Pacific region for 50 years, FM Global has supported clients across 46 Asia-Pacific markets in preventing property losses and building business resilience.


Get a glimpse of the FM Global Centre

Take a tour of the FM Global Centre with FM Global Vice President Seek Ying Yong.

You’ll leave the FM Global Centre enlightened by a greater awareness and understanding of the variety of property risks that threaten your business. More importantly, you’ll take along the firsthand knowledge that loss isn’t inevitable—it’s preventable. With practical risk mitigation strategies in hand, you’ll walk away knowing the future of your business isn’t based on luck, but instead, it’s a destiny paved by the power of prevention.

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