We hear you loud and clear. Wherever you are and whatever you do, the novel coronavirus threatened your business somehow this year. In fact, 7 of our 10 most-read articles of 2020 relate to various phases of the pandemic.

Top 10 Articles of 2020:

       1. Pandemic Loss Prevention Checklist

           Minimize property loss from the coronavirus crisis

       2. What to Do During and After a Business Shutdown

           Minimize property loss from the coronavirus crisis

       3. Coronavirus Spreads to Business Operations

           How to protect your organization

       4. 4 Reasons Why Commercial Property Insurance Prices Keep Rising

           Despite ample capacity

       5. Minimize COVID-19's Business Impact

           Get resources and training to stay resilient

       6. Pandemic Industry Trends and Guidance

           ​Get FM Global's COVID-19 Pandemic Property Loss Prevention guides

       7. Energy Storage Systems and Fire Protection

           New recommendations for lithium-ion battery-based energy storage systems

       8. Get the Guide to Restart Right

           Precautions for restarting and restoring operations

       9. Building Resilience Against Fires

           Why a fire safety culture is key

      10. Virtual Client Learning Lessons

            Live learning is available in different languages

As we emerge from this global crisis, keep these articles handy for phase-specific guidance. When we choose resilience, together we can withstand whatever comes our way.

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